False eyelashes are scary if it's your first time purchasing and you're unsure on proper application! We have all been there, and luckily here's help! 


Step 1: 

Choose the lash that goes with the look you're trying to achieve. Fling Falsies has a pair of lashes for everyone, from natural to dramatic!


Step 2: 

Size the lash to your eyes.  Keep in mind that you'll need to do this for both eyes, as most people don't have identical eyes and the length of your lashes may vary. To do this, remove the lash strip from the package and gently bend the band back and forth.  This helps loosen the strip and allows for easier application.  Place the lashes directly above the lash line.  They should begin where your natural lashes begin.  Trim from the outer corner and ensure the lash ends where your natural lashes end as well.  Failure to do this will cause there to be overhang on the outer corner that will make you feel as if your lash is coming off. 


Step 3: 

Applying the adhesive.  While I would love to be able to offer you ladies glue, at this time, we aren't carrying our own but I highly recommend the DUO brush on glue.  Remove the brush from the tube of glue, and wipe the edges of the brush on the rim of the tube to remove excess glue from the brush.  Hold the lashes between your fingers (or with an applicator) and gently run the glue evenly along the strip.  *LET GLUE DRY 30-45 SECONDS BEFORE APPLICATION*


Step 4: 

Applying the lashes.  Using either your fingers, a pair of tweezers, or a lash applicator, grasp the lash side of the falsies and gently place the lash strip directly above your natural lash line.  Once you get your lashes in place, intertwine them with your natural lashes by gently squeezing your natural lashes and the falsies together.  


Step 5: 

Finishing touches.  I like to apply a thin coat of mascara to my falsies.  This allows for the lashes to blend with your natural lashes even more and also helps lift the lashes upwards so you don't feel like you're looking through a curtain of lash. 


Step 6: 

Removal.  Grab the outer edge of the lash strip and gently pull up. towards the inner corner of your eye.  If the falsies are still stuck on your natural lash, gently use soap and warm water to help dissolve the glue.  Once the glue is more pliable, it should peel away more easily with no damage to your lash.